Journeys in Beer Paradise

Belgian brewers are craftsmen playing in a league of their own. Thanks to the skill and efforts of these passionate people, Belgium has become the beer paradise it is today. Visitors from far and wide come to Belgium to experience its unique beer culture first-hand.

Local artists have always been on the forefront of the European art scene. Old masters like Bruegel, Van Eyck and Rubens were some of the most influential painters of their time. Even today, contemporary artists like Jan Fabre and Luc Tuymans are taking the international art scene by storm.

Excellent beer and stunning art. Artisanal breweries and world-class museums. It's all there for you to taste and discover. But where do you start? There are over 100 breweries and even more museums in Belgium. And besides, who's going to do the driving after the drinking?

That's where we step in! We are a small, fully-licensed tour operator specialized in art and beer related travel. We offer various tours of Belgium for small groups of independent travelers. As all our tours are conducted in English, the only condition required is a basic knowledge of that language.


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