Journeys in Beer Paradise

Welcome to Beer Paradise

 No other country in the world has such a rich tradition when it comes to brewing beer.  But make no mistake: while many breweries are traditional family businesses with a century-long history, in recent years many small projects have been set up by young and talented people brewing up some very exciting new beers. The Belgian beer scene is booming more than ever, so now is a good time to join one of our tours and come and taste for yourself.

Welcome to Flanders Fields

 Touring the Flanders Fields provides a fascinating understanding of the key role this area played in World War 1. Passing the same fields where hops were grown before war broke out, you’ll be visiting the trenches, key cemeteries and monuments that dot the Flemish landscape.

 We are a small, fully-licensed tour operator, located in Dranouter, a small village on the French border in the province of West-Flanders.
 We offer various daytrips in Flanders Fields. As all our tours are conducted in English, the only condition required is a basic knowledge of that language.     


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